3 Ways Dental Can Give Your Health Plan a Boost in 2020

Posted by DentaQuest on 12/12/19 7:23 AM

The face of dental looks a lot different today than it did 10 years ago. Market influences, technology advancements, medical findings and consumer savvy have changed what members expect from their health plans and what health plans must deliver to attract and retain members. No longer considered an optional “add-on” service, dental is now a highly-coveted benefit for members and a strategic source of competitive advantage for today’s health plans.  

As you prepare your business for next-level growth and success in 2020, here are 3 ways dental can help boost your plan’s performance: 

#1: Leverage powerful dental innovations to impact your members and bottom line.  

When it comes to oral health care, technology advancements are especially meaningful. Dental innovations can enable higher-quality care, greater efficiency and an overall better experience for members and dentists alike. At DentaQuest, we continue to invest in new technologies that create better outcomes for your members and a sharper edge for your plan. Our latest work, coming in 2020, uses genetically-modified material to help restore teeth. The result: dental fillings could last twice as long, which saves your members time, hassle and the potential for more serious issues down the road – and significantly reduces your costs.   


#2: Prepare for changes in oral health that could create new opportunities for your plan and business.  

In 2020, the Surgeon General will release his next report on the state of oral health. It’s been 20 years since the last report and a lot has changed. Based on our DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement work and unique market vantage point, we anticipate some significant shifts in oral health care that reflect the latest industry findings. Stay tuned to see how they might affect your members and your business – and how you can use them to strengthen your plan and bring greater value to your members.  


#3: Stay attuned to evolving industry dynamics to help guide your business decisions.   

Across all segments of the health care industry, consolidation continues to be a leading trend. Health plans of all sizes must keep a close eye on industry happenings in order to make the best strategic decisions for their businesses in 2020. Health plans should pay particularly close attention to the emergence of highly-differentiated plans like Lumeris, Clover and Sidecar that have built concierge-like offerings to reach new members. Differentiation will be key to retaining your current members and attracting new ones.  

Come see how DentaQuest can help bring your business to the next level in 2020. 

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