The Anatomy of a Powerful Network Solution

Posted by DentaQuest on 1/8/20 3:13 PM

When it comes to today’s Medicare Advantage members, many consider access to quality dental care a top priority. As research has shown, oral care plays a critical role in preventing, detecting and managing the chronic diseases that plague seniors today (e.g. chronic heart disease and diabetes), and provides important clues about a person’s overall health. To reach a population with a unique set of needs and access challenges, health plans need a partner that thinks differently about the network that serves them. The right network solution has the power to unlock greater care access for your members and new advantages that strengthen your health plan’s performance.

To deliver your members the care they need for better health, your network partner should include the following 3 components:


  • A strong group of skilled dentists driven to enrich care and member outcomes
    Today’s Medicare Advantage members face a range of limitations that impact their ability to find the care they need to get healthy and stay healthy. To support them in their quest for good health, they need access to dentists who are committed to serving a diverse aging population. With the right skillset, accommodations and mindset, these dentists are well-primed and motivated to meet seniors where they are at this stage in their lives.


  • A technology backbone that fuels meaningful dental innovations
    When it comes to care access and quality, smart dental innovations can make all the difference. Recent innovations like teledentistry offer a level of convenience and affordability by connecting your members to quality care in the office, at home and anywhere in between. To make innovations like this a reality for your members – and give your plan a competitive edge, your network partner must have a strong technology platform in place built to harness the latest in dental innovation.


  • Opportunity for continuing education for today’s dentists
    To optimize new solutions and innovations available to them, providers need access to the education that will enable them to effectively utilize and implement them into their practices. With the right level of training, dentists can put new innovations to work for your members that drive better health outcomes and enrich member satisfaction.


Check out how DentaQuest’s network strategy is fueling innovations to achieve more affordable and accessible dental care – and how it can work for you.  


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